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Hi, Berliners 👋

It’s Monday and it’s FOMO time! Last week was busy, as always, but I really enjoyed the amazing events. This week offers a mix of cool tech meet-ups, music, sports, and outside gatherings ⛱️ It will be full of learning and great fun I think! I hope to see you all out there ✌️

Why FOMO Berlin?

For my weekend activities, I enjoy visiting the site Mit Vergnügen to discover cultural events, happening on the weekend. I always felt a bit frustrated 😤 that there was nothing similar to this for tech events and builders like us 🧑‍💻 

Every time I discovered a cool event, I’d share it with my friends to give us an opportunity to meet in person.

With FOMO Berlin, I simply aim to solve my own problem 😎 and make it just a bit easier to share all cool events with my friends 🤓

What did you FOMO last week?

KoRo Summerfest with friends ☀️

Let’s jump right to it, this is what we can look forward to this week (8.5 - 14.5):

Monday 8th
  • Open Coworking Day - Meeting new people (maybe even new friends?), getting some inspiring insights about public grants, additive manufacturing, VR solutions for industrial business objectives, and much more @MotionLab.Berlin 👋

  • Creating Company Culture - For this Masterclass, Kave Bulambo, founder of TalentDiverse, joins us onstage to teach us how to take care of the people involved in making our work profitable

  • Indie Hackers Get Together - Chatting, getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Talking about what you’re building, your challenges, and how the community can help

  • Berlin Design Week - Every spring, designers, artists, companies, and universities present new ways of thinking and fresh ideas at the Berlin Design Week 🧑‍🎨

  • XJazz Festival Berlin - XJazz is Berlin's largest jazz festival that presents a broad and contemporary understanding of jazz that includes electronic music, singer/songwriters, and neo-classical music.

Tuesday 9th
Wednesday 10th
  • AgTech Meetup - Researchers present future-oriented technologies and innovations from the fields of sensor technology, robotics, energy, and plant sciences that can offer solutions to challenges

  • OKR Fail Stories - Uncover typical OKR fail stories and help others to avoid making the same mistake. Learn how NOT to implement OKRs and OKR Architecture gone wrong 🤯

  • Level Up: Freelancer Demo Day - the participants of Level Up, a Factory Berlin freelancers program, will introduce themselves to the community and share a little bit about themselves and how they can support startups and corporates

  • Rise of AI Conference - The popular B2B conference for Artificial Intelligence talking about relevant technology and future topics with well-known speakers, hot topics, and hand-picked guests on site

  • How AI and ChatGPT will change customer service - Intercom will be gathering customer support leaders in Berlin to discuss the impact of AI and ChatGPT on customer support

Thursday 11th
Friday 12th
Saturday 13th
  • Women's Run Berlin - The run is known for its great atmosphere and enthusiastic spectators. Starting at Straße des 17. Juni to the Victory Column, along Hofjägerallee, through Tiergarten, and past the Brandenburg Gate 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Pink You!!! - A secret event that combines music, art, leisure, and food. Created and curated by MXM’s duo with a planning collaboration of Joaquim Bezerra

Sunday 14th
  • Mother’s Day - Instead of listing things to do this Sunday, I will suggest that we all celebrate Mother’s Day. I will go home to Paderborn and visit my mom, and I hope some of you will do the same. I know it is not possible for everybody, so here’s a solution you can use instead, for a personalized greeting 💐


The weather is catching up with the calendar ☀️ It’s getting warmer and we can finally go out and enjoy the sun this week! Can’t wait 😎

Shout-out time - LOTTA LUDWIGSON

I didn’t do any sponsor posts yet but I want to support things that I believe in and help my friends! My super close friend Charlotte & Nhu-Ha launched their slow luxury brand - Lotta Ludwigson - the first 100% circular & biodegradable timeless business attire for women. Check out their newly launched website if you or someone you know is in need of a sustainable suit for some serious business 😎

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