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Hi, Berliners 👋

It’s the last FOMO Monday of June, and we’re moving into July for more amazing events and fun summer activities! This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, you know what that means: free entrance to all museums in Berlin. Another week means another attempt from us, trying to keep it short and easy for you all 😂 But there are just so many cool events planned, again! Enjoy another fun week in Berlin

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A Quick Disclaimer ❗️

I didn’t build this newsletter to give myself and you any more FOMO than we have already 😉 It’s impossible for any of us to go to all of the events every week. Instead, I hope to provide you with the opportunity to choose from the best events around and to make sure there’s something for everyone, every week

Why FOMO Berlin?

For my weekend activities, I enjoy visiting the site Mit Vergnügen to discover cultural events happening on the weekend. I always felt a bit frustrated 😤 that there was nothing similar to this for tech events and builders like us

Every time I discovered a cool event, I’d share it with my friends to give us an opportunity to meet in person.

With FOMO Berlin, I simply aim to solve my own problem 😎 and make it just a bit easier to share all cool events with my friends

What did you FOMO last week?

Attending last week's event feature: @Factory Berlin - Pride Check Out Drinks. Such a fun event to kick off the weekend 🥳

Let’s jump right to it! This is what we can look forward to this week (26.6 - 2.7):

FOMO Pick of the Week 🔥

If you only have time to go to one event this week, these events below are absolutely hot🔥 and not something you want to miss. Don't trust me, just check it out for yourself. If you want to be on the guest list, you know the drill - hit me up 😎

  • Just dance, okay! - Join the new after-work party series at CAN Bar in Kreuzberg! - Wednesday 28th, 7 PM

  • House Concert - It's summertime (yay!), so you’re now invited to spend a cozy evening with Manoj & their musical friends from Berlin who will play some tunes for us 🎶 - Friday 30th, 6 PM

Monday 26th
  • Let's Reflect About Money - A workshop hosted by Factory Berlin to reflect on your relationship with money. This is not a class of financial literacy, but an experiential space to explore the role that money 💸  plays in your life

  • 3IT SUMMIT 2023 - The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute cordially invites you to the 3IT Summit. Get all the latest news on VR, AR, and XR technologies from research, business, and the creative industry

  • Your Path Into Tech - An event where you can explore various career paths in the tech industry. Panelists from different backgrounds will share their stories about transitioning to tech. Hosted by Le Wagon 🧑‍💻

  • MIDSOMMAR OPENING - Creative Dock Berlin - An exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at how Creative Dock builds new businesses in times of scarce resources and game-changing generative AI

Tuesday 27th
  • Startup Lounge | LEGAL EDITION | How to start a startup - You wonder how it would be to found a startup? But don't know anything about the legal basics? REAKTOR.BERLIN Startup Lounge is here 🧑‍⚖️

  • brafe Tuesday: Drinks & Discussion - Gather monthly with the community for casual drinks and discussions at their shared space in Kreuzberg, The Square. Not a networking event!

  • "AI and ethics" with Dr. Meike Zehlike - In this ESMT Open Lecture, you will hear from Dr. Meike Zehlike, senior researcher at Zalando and a distinguished expert on AI 🤖 and ethics, exploring what AI is, how it works, and the ways it is changing the world around us

  • Industry of the Future Workshop - This workshop's topic on human-centered AI has great relevance for mobility, production processes of Industry 5.0, and the future 🔮 of work environments

  • Building Winning Ventures at Scale - MVP Series invites you to a series of dinner events with presentations from top German companies, networking, gourmet food & cocktails

Wednesday 28th
  • Finding Product-Market Fit - Boldare invites you to a meetup to discuss product-market fit. An evening of lightning-fast talks, thought-provoking workshops, and opportunities to network

  • - The berlin business festival & conference for tech & digitalization

  • Take your seat at the table | Incredible women's meetup -Inviting incredible women 🦸‍♀️ across Berlin to come together @GetYourGuide office in Prenzlauer Berg for food, drinks, and networking!

  • Just dance, okay! - Join the new Afterwork Party series at CAN Bar in Kreuzberg! Focaccia, drinks, and music by Salimata (Afro House) and DATTA (House) will make your Wednesday special! Bring your friends, colleagues, and lovers and spread the good vibes from 19:00 - 0:00! 🪩

Thursday 29th
  • Web3 Music Community Grill and Chill - LAB3 invites members to enjoy some good food, great music, and engaging conversations on web3 technologies, a casual gathering for our blockchain-music community 🎸

  • Happy Hour: Circle Slam - Want to find a community centered around a specific field or topic that you can belong to? At this special Happy Hour, you’ll get an introduction to everything the Circles program has to offer🕺 

  • Gründerszene Spätschicht Berlin - Summer Edition - The Who's Who of the Berlin startup & VC scene meets at Oberhafenkantine for a relaxed after-work break for networking at the highest level. Hit me up if you are interested in joining 👋

  • Demo Day Berlin | Techstars Audi Mobility Founder Innovation Lab - Techstars Demo Day at Factory Berlin where you'll get to see se world-class pitches 🎤 from 12 talented teams if you are able to get in

  • AI for Designers - Organized by SDD Berlin at BCG DV. Mauro Rego - Design Lead @ Google AI is talking about how designers can better understand the potential of AI and use it in their daily work

  • Berlin Startup School Demo Day - it's DEMO Day time for the latest batch of BSS. Join them and meet the community, hear about their progress, and celebrate their achievements

Friday 30th
  • House Concert - Hello everyone - it's summertime (yay!), so you’re now invited to spend a cozy evening with Manoj & their musical friends from Berlin who will play some tunes for us 🎶

  • HOOK.UP - Join for a Pride Month celebration! 🌈✨ A get-together for designers and fashion enthusiasts, featuring performances, a fashion quiz, live music, a DJ set, and fresh drinks

  • House Party: Rochelle Jordan & Curses - @Soho House Berlin. The R&B singer is playing at the exclusive members club at Soho House this week. It will certainly be a party worth going to 🎉

Saturday 1st
  • The Circle: Meet & Connect - This event offers a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships, exchange ideas and explore collaborations that can take your business to new heights

  • Venturing Women Community Picnic & Stand-Up Paddling - If you are a female founder, founder-to-be, investor, ecosystem enabler, or just interested in entrepreneurship, investment, or their work, join Venturing Women for this picnic and stand-up paddling

  • Pornceptual - Day & Night Open Air - Get ready for nearly 20 hours of nonstop partying, embracing the freedom of expression and love during this year's Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 @ELSE

Sunday 2nd
  • Kreuzberg-Festival – Bergmannstraßenfest - join the Kreuzberg festival, once called Bergmanstraßenfest! a weekend of great food, live music, and a big celebration in one of the coolest districts in Berlin 💃

  • Dixon curates - ELSE is where the party is at this upcoming weekend. If you didn’t get enough on Saturday, come back Sunday and experience DJ MELL G, Jimi Jules, DJ AYA, Suze Ijó, and Dasha Atom


Another week of mixed weather! So time for outside drinks and fun in the middle of the week, and cool inside meetups in the beginning and Friday ☀️🌧️

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