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Hi, Berliners 👋

I know it's Friday! But I missed you and couldn’t wait until Monday :) I thought it was about time to give you a quick update on FOMO Berlin.

So for the ones that joined recently and don't know yet. I started FOMO Berlin exactly 12 weeks ago, and in this short amount of time, we grew the FOMO Berlin Community 💙 to close to 3.000 members 😍

However, you know what I am most excited about is not the amount FOMO Berlin members we have but your absolute overwhelming engagement with the FOMO Berlin Newsletter: 78% open rate and 37% click-through rate; these numbers are freaking good! And thank you for all your love messages.

A Wall of Love from the community 🫂
How can you help take FOMO to the next level?

I started FOMO Berlin as a small side hustle, but because of your great feedback and actually seeing how much value FOMO Berlin is providing, I decided to elevate FOMO Berlin and bring it to the next level.

My goal is to showcase you to the best tech & cultural events in Berlin and to consistently provide founders, operators, and investors a place to truly connect.

To accomplish this goal and bring FOMO to the next level, I need your support with these three things:

1️⃣ Become a FOMO partner - After getting some inbound requests for FOMO sponsoring, I decided that I wanted to open up the opportunity to the FOMO Community. So if you want to partner up with FOMO in regard to newsletter sponsoring, event sponsoring & collaboration, or know someone, please fill out this form 

2️⃣ Join FOMO Berlin as a volunteer - Be part of something big from day1, dive into the Berlin Startup & VC scene, and get free access to Berlin's top tech events and conferences - have a look here 

3️⃣ Tell us a bit about yourself - Everyone who fills out this form will get free access to the August full-month event list and has the chance to win a spot at FOMO's launch party in August

So what’s next? 😎 

I am planning a FOMO Launch Party, probably in August. I am super excited about meeting many of you in person and can't wait to get this thing rolling! We always need helping hands 😚

If you want to stay tuned, follow us on Instagram @fearofmissingoutberlin. Yes, the page is empty, but trust me, some great posts will come soon 🤓

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and your patience! I will see some of you on Saturday. For everyone else, I wish you a great weekend, enjoy CSD and talk to you again Monday.

Me taking a sun break @WeWork yesterday after writing this email for all of you 💙

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Cephas & the FOMO team 💙

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