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Last Friday, we brought 20 tech operators together for a casual dinner and attended the sold-out Andy Warhol Opening Party @Fotografiska. Because we are FOMO we could just skip the 2 hours queue. Join our next dinner and sign up here 🔥

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🖱 Roosh Circle's Berlin meetup "Innovate & Execute: PM Stories From Startups" is designed for tech leaders & product managers looking to exchange experiences, pains, and use cases in their field.

Speakers: ​Saahil Ognawala, Head of Product at Jina AI ​Leon Meier | Head of Product at AskUI | ​Darinka Burovska, Product Manager, Data & AI at Frontiers ​

Moderator: ​Bogdan Ponomar, Co-Founder at Roosh Circle ​

No formalities here — connect with the members of our community over drinks in a relaxed setting. Roosh Circle is a tech community of founders, engineers, investors, and entrepreneurs across Europe. 👉 Register now! 

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What did you FOMO last week 📸 ?

My Phone was dead, so this kind of the only picture that I have from this legendary night: FOMO goes x Andy Warhol Opening Part @fotografiska

The FOMO Berlin week 💙 (21 - 26.05):
FOMO Top Picks of the Week 🔥

These are the events I would like to attend if I find the time:

Conferences & All Day Events 🎪
  • DAPPCON ♦ | 21-23 May: Hosted by Gnosis since 2018, DappCon is a fantastic opportunity for developers and blockchain professionals to come together, network, and stay up to date on the latest trends in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • HUMBOLDT SYMPOSIUM - THE WEALTH PUZZLE: FAIR SHARE OR UNFAIR DIVIDE? 💸 | (free) 22 May: Discussion about the distribution of wealth. Our speakers, including Christian Lindner, will look at the complexities of economic inequality.

  • Berlin Blockchain Week ⛓| 18-27 May: featuring key discussions on blockchain technology, crypto innovations, and decentralized applications in Berlin's vibrant tech ecosystem.

  • CRYPTO2030: Berlin 🤑 | 22 May: ​Serves as an ideal platform for industry leaders, experts and innovators to come together - thematic dialogues, roundtables and networking opportunities.

  • True Italian Food 🍝 | 22-25 May: 50 participating restaurants - taste an Italian specialty together with a refreshing Sarti Spritz for only 9 EUR!

  • Sustainathon 🌳 | 23-24 May: Let's Close the Circularity Gap Together! A 2-day event with 30 participants dedicated to creating new business models in the circularity industry.

  • ETHBerlin 24 🧑‍💻 | 24-26 May: ETHBerlin is a hackathon, a cultural festival, an educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward.

Tuesday 22th
Wednesday 23th
Thursday 24th
FOMO Upcoming Top Events & Opportunities 🚨
  • Global South Entrepreneurship Night 🌍 | 5th June - ​Join us in connecting Berlin to the Global South on June 5th - think summer evening event with drinks and networking at a rooftop venue, looking over Berlin 🌍💫

  • THE MERGE 🧑‍💻 | 13 - 14 June: GitButler, founded by the co-founder of GitHub, is a developer experience conference. Use the codeFOMOBer25” for a 25% discount.

Friday 25th
  • Builder Nights Berlin 🎊 | (free) 5 pm - ​Immerse yourself in insightful discussions with the biggest brains in the Web3 game, network with other giga 🧠, and expand your knowledge of one of the hottest industry topics.

  • Blush2000: Hausparty 👯‍♀️ | 10 pm - We want to bring the atmosphere of pure youthful joy with loud music, colorful decorations, all the 2000's songs, kisses in the toilets, blurred photos and hopefully no cops

  • Poetry meets Highlife 🎤 | 7 pm - Welcome to the first Poetry Meets edition of 2024! an international, multilingual community event showcasing poets, musicians & shorts

  • Betahaus 15th Birthday Party: Back to the Future 🚖 | 7 pm - betahaus is turning 15 years this year, and we want to celebrate it BIIIIIIGGGGG! So grab your best 80s outfit and join Betahaus for the big b-day party. Free FOMO code: BACKTOFOMO.

Saturday 26th
  • lululemon x Zalando: GET INTO IT 🧘 | (sold out) 12 pm - Lululemon and Zalando present Get Into It: a high-intensity workout experience in the heart of Berlin. With a live DJ to get you moving—this is your chance to dig deep, push yourself, and learn from the best.

  • BBW @ w3.hub Checkout Drinks by Google Cloud 🕺 | (free) 8 pm - Official BBW get-together by Google Cloud & all host partners at w3.hub, incl. w3.fund's community for a social gathering of live music, networking & beer pong tournament!

  • FWB BERLIN  | ​​9 pm - The 4th edition of "CEREMONY," is here, a unique fusion of spirituality and digital innovation celebrating Berlin's culture. Join the iconic Monopol for a theatrical experience with a hint of irreverence.

Sunday 27th
  • Off /line Girl Walk 🚶‍♀️ | 12:30 pm - A community of and for women to forge new friendships, feel comfortable, safe, empowered and supported is going for a casual walk with many

  • The Surprising Match of Awe and Loneliness 🤍 | 2 pm - Hosted at C*Space, you are invited to explore the unique experiences of modern loneliness and how moments of awe might help us in cultivating connections to ourselves

  • Resonating Voices 🎙 | 4:30 pm - Join this year’s first edition of our collective singing experience, “Resonating Voices,” with @noahslee, co-founder of @asongforyouberlin, and special guests, singers and musicians from his community.

  • Red Party 🩸 | Celebrate menstruation in all its facets with us on the “Period of Change” action day of the “Läuft!” exhibition! Come in our dress code #allred and write the MENSI*-MANIFEST with us in the garden of the museum!

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