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Hey Berliners 🐣

Can't wait to organize my first event this year in Berlin on Tuesday and celebrate my b-day this Saturday night 🥳 However, I also have other exciting news to share, next to great weather in Berlin this week ☀️ and dropping great free tickets in our FOMO Berlin Whatsapp Group.

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What did you FOMO last week 📸 ?

Half-marathon after event with Kraftrunners and Lululemon together at some hall in Kreuzberg.

FOMO Top Picks of the Week 🔥

These are the events that I would like to attend if I find the time for it:

  • FOMO Community Builders Dinner 🍽 |Tuesday, 7 pm - We're inviting 50 community builders, VC platform managers, and founders/creators shaping communities to an exclusive seated dinner at Gallery Studio20.

  • Sunset Opening w/HV Capital 🌅 | Wednesday, 7 pm - An evening for friends, food and vibes with stories from top operators in our fire-side: “Navigating different stages of growth - from pre-seed and beyond with".

  • Miro Agile Meetup - Berlin 🗒 | Thursday, 5 pm - This meetup offers a unique opportunity for the Miro and Agile community to come together during the final day of the SAFe Summit Berlin. We will aim to foster networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among attendees.

The FOMO Berlin week 💙 (02.4 - 07.04):
Monday 8th
Tuesday 9th
  • Open Mic Pitch by Reaktor.Berlin 🎤 | 6 pm - Do you have a promising business idea and you're looking for professional advice?
    Go up on stage and pitch to a high-class jury and receive valuable feedback.

  • What is the future of the development & deployment of AI? 💻 | 6 pm - This MeetUp consists of a presentation and a subsequent panel conversation on the development and deployment of AI, comparing the views of hands-on practitioners, managers, and business owners.

  • Talk Night: The Power of Community 🦸‍♀️ | 6:30 pm - Join an evening celebrating the power of community! You will hear about the benefits of being part of a community, get to know communities of Berlin and learn about how product development and community belong together.

  • FOMO Community Builders Dinner 🍽 |7 pm - We're inviting 50 community builders, VC platform managers, and founders/creators shaping communities to an exclusive seated dinner at Gallery Studio20.

Wednesday 10th
  • Breakthrough innovation - Technology meetup 🦄 | 4 pm - Hosted at SumUp Berlin, where delegates from select startup companies on the cutting-edge of Israeli technological innovation, will present short pitches and demonstrations.

  • Fireside Chat by Reaktor.Berlin | Solo founders 🦹 | 6 pm - A panel discussion with experts ( Mohamed Chahin - Founder of Twain, Jessica Wimalasooriyar - VC at IBB Ventures, etc.) from the startup ecosystem about Solo-Founding, with some free beer, drinks and snacks.

  • Women in GenAI: Exploring Practical Applications 👩‍💻 | 6 pm - Join DeepRec.ai and Merantix AI Campus, where they will dive into the fascinating world of GenAI and its practical applications, exploring the groundbreaking advancements in this rapidly evolving field.

  • Product & UX Meetup - Empowering Job Seekers 🧑‍💼 | 6 pm - Employed.world is a job seeker community in Germany. With the current job market, many UX and Product talent find it hard to navigate and often feel that the journey is isolated.

  • Sunset Opening w/HV Capital 🌅 | 7 pm - An evening for friends, food and vibes with stories from top operators in our fire-side: “Navigating different stages of growth - from pre-seed and beyond with".

Thursday 11th
FOMO Upcoming Top Events 🚨
  • Spotify Podcast Summit & Spotify Music Festival in Germany 🔥 | April 18 & 19 - the biggest German podcast and music stars, are coming next week to Berlin, and we secured limited free tickets. We will do a ticket raffle in our Whatsapp Group.

  • FIBE - Berlin's first international fintech festival! 💳 | April 24 - 25
    Featuring more than 90 speakers across three stages, including Sanna Marin (former Prime Minister of Finland), Ali Niknam (CEO at bunq), and Maximilian Tayenthal (Founder & Co-CEO at N26). We have limited tickets to give away. Reach out to me if you are a premium subscriber. First come, first serve.

  • Techstars Berlin is hosting Deep Tech Momentum 🛰 | May 14-16 - This event is for (pre-) seed Deep Tech founders and prospective first employees, AKA “Joiners'', who want to grow your team / join a startup, gain traction with big customers like Telekom, etc. and pitch on stage to top-tier European investors like Lakestar, Cherry Ventures and HV Capital.

Friday 12th
  • Finnisches Sanafestival 🧖 | 4 pm - The Nordics Embassy courtyard will feature a variety of saunas. In addition the festival will feature daily programs with music, films, Finnish food and drinks, and presentations by Finnish partners. 

  • GPPi x Dream VC - Berlin Africa Ecosystem Mixer 🌍 | 5:30 pm - ​Calling all African-focused enthusiasts for tech ecosystems, innovation, and investment! This is an opportunity to meet others building and investing along the Africa-Berlin corridor.

  • Intimate private founder dinner 🥗 | 7 pm - A friend is organizing a founder dinner, 1 secured one spot for the FOMO Community. Reach out to me if you are a founder or taking the leap soon and are a FOMO premium subscriber.

  • TEDxXU Exponential University - Breaking Boundaries 🎙 | 8 pm - Get ready for an evening full of inspiration, networking, and entertainment at the SAP Data Space in Berlin! The ticket includes free top-notch catering and listening to my amazing friend Janine.

Saturday 13th
  • Dinner Roulette 🍛 | 6 pm - Six new people meet at each course that ws created by you. Getting to know each other is easier in this small group than at a party.

  • SCHLUCK RELOADED - das grosse Anstossen 🍷 | 6 pm - Schluck is back in its usual style with a big party. For the "GROSSE ANSTOSSEN", 25 winegrowing personalities open their best wines.

  • Linguistic Hospitality 🎹 | 6 pm - Daadgalerie invites you to an evening of multilingual and multigenre events where translators, poets, writers, playwrights, and musicians come together to give voice to human plurality, the “foreign door, at a welcoming house”.

  • Engtanz at Birgit & Bier 🎊 | 8 pm - Open Air Garden and 3 Indoor Floors with Engtanz Love, HipHop, and Techno. I might spend some hours here celebrating my birthday and hope to see some familiar faces!

Sunday 14th (My B-day 🥳)
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