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Hi, Berliners 👋

Wow, what a week of amazing events and a great weekend in the sun ☀️ I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! We have another week coming with cool events popping up all over the city. Once again it looks like the middle of the week will be a busy time! Have fun 🥳

Why FOMO Berlin?

For my weekend activities, I enjoy visiting the site Mit Vergnügen to discover cultural events, happening on the weekend. I always felt a bit frustrated 😤 that there was nothing similar to this for tech events and builders like us 🧑‍💻 

Every time I discovered a cool event, I’d share it with my friends to give us an opportunity to meet in person.

With FOMO Berlin, I simply aim to solve my own problem 😎 and make it just a bit easier to share all cool events with my friends 🤓

What did you FOMO last week?

🍕 & 🍺 at, the official kickoff for this year’s x DMEXCO Conference 2023!

Let’s jump right to it, this is what we can look forward to this week (24.4 - 30.4):

Monday 24th
  • DAO Conversation #6: Web3 Academia - Connect to like-minded movers & shakers from the international Web3, DAO, and blockchain scene! This time, with presentations from scientists and researchers about how Web3 and DAOs change economies and politics. 7 PM ONLINE 🗓️

Tuesday 25th
Wednesday 26th
  • Startup Story Night: FUCK-UP Stories - Dear founding teams, potential new founders, entrepreneurs, and network partners. Join this session to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and their FUCK-UP stories 👀

  • Social Impact & AI: Health, Sustainability & Climate SODA Social - Advancements in AI are pushing the limits of the possible. Does it represent a golden age for innovation in an era of crisis? This is the event to discuss 💥

  • Building a marketing function to scale the company to a unicorn status - Alexander Beresford, Chief Growth Officer at Taxfix, will talk about how he built the marketing and growth function at Taxfix to help it grow and achieve a unicorn status 🦄

  • Founders League - Are you solving a real problem with your start-up? Then you've come to the right place! 6 innovative start-ups will compete to convince the audience of their business idea and win the main prize of €10,000 💰

Thursday 27th
  • Startup Breakfast - Join Reaktor.Berlin and get together with other startup founders of the Berlin ecosystem and exchange insights and new ideas at a mutual breakfast! 🥐

  • Food Friends & Community - Would you like to gain connection and build your network?! Make sure you join the 3rd round of BERLIN STARTUP SCHOOL’s Food, Friends, and Community 🍱

  • Startup & Innovation Venture Day! - The doors at BHT will open for the Startup & Innovation Venture Day. This is where founders and innovative spirits meet business, science, and financial opportunities 🫰

  • Hardtech Innovation Accelerator Demo Day - Join the Demo day and learn more about the startups in Batch 2 of the Hardtech Innovation Accelerator Programme and what they have been working on!

  • Is AI so risky? How to make AI Governance work with AdalanAI at CHIC Berlin - The Future of Life Institute has circulated a petition, signed by nearly 3,000 calling for a six-month moratorium on AI. This is the place to discuss further 🤔

  • Decolonizing Knowledge in Web3 hosted by TZ Connect & curated by Spike Art Magazine - Join this panel and find out if it’s possible to use blockchain as part of engaged decolonial practice, and how art institutions can make the most of Web3

  • Bright Moments x Otterspace | Community Meetup - The themes of this meetup are generative art, NFTs, DAOs, and slow, thoughtful community building 👾

Friday 28th
  • Berlin Founders Lunch - If you're a hungry founder or starving investor, come join this delicious lunch, with networking and the possibility to get access to private events 🍝

  • Gallery Weekend Berlin - Each spring, around 50 Berlin galleries open exhibitions by emerging and established artists during Gallery Weekend Berlin, welcoming numerous visitors from around the world to the city 🎨

  • WINE FRIDAY with a DJ - Is there a better way to unwind after a busy week other than with a glass of your favorite wine and live music 🍷

Saturday 29th
  • Gründerinnen Meetup Berlin - Everyday life as an entrepreneur can sometimes be quite a rollercoaster ride. Get to know other female entrepreneurs at the Businettes Gründerinnen Meetup Berlin!

  • Become Legendary: Solana Mobile Saga Europe Launch Party - ​Web3 in your hands, officially available in Europe. Join this experience of the Saga difference, explore what it unlocks for Web3, and look forward to what is coming for Solana Mobile 🔮

  • Women's Coding Day - Get ready to power up your coding skills with Le Wagon Women's Coding Day - a well-detailed workshop of coding dedicated to women who want to unleash their coding prowess 💪

  • We Are Not Alone Weekender - 3 days of rave togetherness at RSO both indoor and open-air to celebrate spring, freedom, and forever keeping the spark of the movement alive!

Sunday 30th
  • Present Perfect Progressive - This is the first draft of an exhibition series to shed light on the status quo of art, technology, innovation, retrospectives and an overall evaluation of our living conditions and the world that surrounds us🤍 

  • Heavy RAWtation - Get ready to dance your way into May 💃 With a ticket for RAWtation you can enter 3 clubs on the RAW site in Friedrichshain that night. Cassiopeia, Astra, Badehaus

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