FOMO Berlin: April 11 - April 16

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Hi Berliners 👋

I hope you all enjoyed your easter break and a good time with family and friends! 🐣 Last week was exciting and the events were poppin’! It’s time for a new week and new cool events in Berlin. By the looks of it, Thursday will be the busiest day, so I'm excited to see where you’re going 😉

Why FOMO Berlin?

For my weekend activities, I enjoy visiting the site Mit Vergnügen to discover cultural events, happening on the weekend. I always felt a bit frustrated 😤 that there was nothing similar to this for tech events and builders like us 🧑‍💻 

Every time I discovered a cool event, I’d share it with my friends to give us an opportunity to meet in person.

With FOMO Berlin, I simply aim to solve my own problem 😎 and make it just a bit easier to share all cool events with my friends 🤓

What did you FOMO last week?

I went to The session X The Reed on Thursday last week 🎷 Great music & so many cool people!

So let’s get to it, this is what we can look forward to this week (11.4-16.4):

Tuesday 11th
  • Open Networking with IBB Ventures - Stiftung Wirkungsanteil and Reaktor.Berlin again joined forces and invited some VCs from IBB Ventures to meet and network with people from the startup ecosystem 🙏

  • An Inclusive Matter w/Chandre Torpet - Female, Foreign, African-American, Chandre Torpet is a global Diversity & Inclusion leader based in Copenhagen 👑 this evening she is joined by Inclusive Matters which enables organizations to assess their D&I Ecosystem and shape their inclusion strategy.

Wednesday 12th
  • Achtung Berlin - This film festival for new German cinema presents current works by Berlin and Brandenburg filmmakers for one week in several Berlin cinemas 🎬

  • NACHTFLOHMARKT - SO36 in Berlin is hosting a night flea market, where you can browse for bargains and unique finds in a relaxed and colorful atmosphere. Starting from 8 p.m., the flea market will be illuminated by colorful lights, creating a magical and festive atmosphere 🛍️

Thursday 13th
  • < Soiree XD > BERLIN - Conversations on weak signals and future drifts. Gathering experts, practitioners, artists, and researchers at the cutting edge of their domains. Join the conversation 🔮

  • Why Big Blocks Matter - Vincent Riddell speaks about the history of the Bitcoin blocksize and why big blocks are required to enable Bitcoin’s vision of a sustainable, low-cost, peer-to-peer payment system for the world 🪙

  • RAMADAN MUBARAK 🌙 Nice to e-meet you - We're so excited to see you in person in our RAMADAN2023 THE EXPERIENCE. Experience a whole day of Ramadan and have an Iftar with us! This event is a collaboration between Maarifa for Transition & Migrapreneur

  • Demystifying hackathons: We are all builders! - Everyone is a builder! Join the crypto girls club, Sunrise stake, and Superteam DE at our 'mini hack' for womxn from dev & non-dev backgrounds. All genders are welcome to the mini-hack.

  • ENTER Polkadot & Kusama Berlin🚀 | #3 Female Thought Leaders - No matter if you are a developer, creator, founder, or just curious: once a month we dedicate ourselves to an exciting topic, this time it's: Women in Polkadot & their stories.

  • Infobip Connect - Berlin Tech Meet-up - is for devs, startups, and tech enthusiasts. A meet-up hosted by Infobip and cohosted by WeAreDevelopers. The mission of this meet-up is to present developer and startup initiatives in Berlin 🌱

Friday 14th
  • Berlin 2023 Venture Capital World Summit - World Series Season 2023 in Berlin Germany Investment Conference, with Scale up companies, presenting investors, entrepreneurs, and innovation 🤩 Here to help businesses get more capital and expertise as they need to scale up, and grow internationally with the support required from our trusted network of investors.

  • Friday Dinner with Ann-Sophie and Micha - In their own words, Ann-Sophie, and Micha have been sharing meals for over five years - and are pretty good at making food. So they have decided to commit to some culinary exploration, starting with French cuisine 🥖 And you can be there

  • Ask Female Founders - with Karla Schönicke, Founder of Women CTO Dinner. Join this great “Women in Tech” community in Berlin and build your network.

  • Untergrund MoMA - In “Underground MoMA”, the works of around 30 artists will be drawn into the underground of Berlin. This happening will be accompanied by music, a food intervention, and an experimental presentation of the MoMA archive and its history of creation 🎨

Saturday 15th
  • "mix pixel - Schwarz-weiß" Exhibition opening - 10 photographers exhibit their black and white art. The themes range from the 1980s, the fall of the Berlin Wall, to architectural structures and portrait photography to light reflections 📸

  • Pinky Promise: A Space Odyssey - Club Ost is Calling all Celestial Creatures, Fembots & Space Tourists, to step inside their spiral galaxy and join the last liberated hedonists for an intergalactic party that will transcend time and space.

Sunday 16th
  • Sunday brunch with Ann-Sophie and Micha - In their own words, Ann-Sophie, and Micha have been sharing meals for over five years - and are pretty good at making food 🧑‍🍳 So they have decided to commit to some culinary exploration, starting with French cuisine. And you can be there

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Cephas & the Newcon team 💙