🎞 FOMO 2023 Wrap-Up

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Hi, FOMO Community 👋

Happy Wednesday! I am wrapping up FOMO 2023 a tad late, but who's counting? 😏 Brace yourselves for what we've got brewing in 2024 – it's (short), sweet, and sassy! 🚀😎

So, for the ones that joined recently and don't know yet. I started FOMO in April 2023 as a little side hustle to solve a problem for me and my friends… And now it's finally time to announce that FOMO Berlin has reached 5.000+ subscribers (already in December)! 🤯 

In recent months, we also launched FOMO Munich & FOMO New York.

FOMO is here to connect people in the tech and creator ecosystem by providing the best event newsletter in town through FOMO Berlin and by organising curated and exclusive gatherings in your city.

🎞 FOMO 2023 Wrap-Up

  • 1 insider circle is skyrocketing

  • 3 newsletters were launched: FOMO Berlin, FOMO Munich & FOMO New York

  • 5 events arranged by us in partnership with Setting HQ, BETTERTRUST & Roundtable + 2 events done in Cape Town and so much more to come this year!

  • 18 amazing brands & companies have been featured: Project A Ventures, Best Nights VC, Qonto, Tech Open Air, Ostrom, Kittl, COCOLI, Le Wagon…

  • 41 weeks in a row to cure your FOMO every Monday

  • 61% of you were hooked and read through

  • 1.012 of the coolest events were recommended

  • 15.000+ clicks to check out the brands and activities

  1. The Founder's Story 🚀 | The Founder's Story is a series of events led by Google, bringing together inspirational leaders from startups and scale ups to share their firsthand experiences

  2. Rooftop Cowork - Selina Berlin | If it stays dry, I will check out this new place around my corner. If you don't have lunch plans and are also keen on rooftop co-working, join me 😚 

  3. Linienstraße Fest 2023 | This is my neighbourhood, and I know from many of the readers yours as well. So let's come together @Kleine Rosenthaler Straße and support this community!

  4. It is completely fine to not be on the run every day - but if you feel like a bit dancing, Multisex is happening again 😍 The sound system at this event is apparently even better than at Berghain

  5. Big Plant Sale🪴 | Plants for everyone! If you’re looking to spice up your home with some plants, at a really good price, this event is for you! Get ready for the jungle

  1. Most popular side event at Bits & Pretzels at Oktoberfest

  2. The Germany Startup Conference 2023 🦄 Startup Network Europe and Zendesk invite 350 founders and investors for this amazing free event with panels, networking and so much more!

  3. Puppy Yoga 🐾 | Enjoy a restful Sunday with a mix of yoga and playful Labrador or Australian Shepherd puppies

  4. UnternehmerTUM Job Fair 🔥 | Don't pass up the chance to network with top talent, game-changing startups, significant tech players, and industry titans like Amazon!

  5. Girlsconnection: Brunch & Dance🍾 | Join the excitement at Munich's first-ever boozy brunch hosted by HOMEGIRL and THESE GIRLS! Connect with amazing girls in the city!

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⛳️ So what’s next?  

FOMO arrives in Cape Town. So cool, even Sifted talks about us. Jump with us into the pool, dress colourfully, and enjoy the tastiest Aperol Spritz as the sun sets behind the Table Mountain. Join our FOMO Cape Town WhatsApp Group here 👈 

Get ready for an epic upgrade because 2024 is about to outshine 2023! 🚀✨ Our past events were smashing hits, prompting us to ramp it up this year. We're expanding our event lineup and forging stronger partnerships to make it all happen.

But wait, there's more! We're crafting a concept to foster a tighter community bond and shower our top supporters with even greater perks. Stay tuned for a year of awesome developments!

Can’t wait to celebrate our first birthday with you, grow the crowd, cheer our glasses, and make new friends.

It’s a wrap! See you in Cape Town and beyond 🌍 Have an amazing rest of the week! ❤️

Wrap-up of our FOMO Events & supporting events from 2023

You can find more images and videos here FOMO Secret Santa Night & FOMO New Year’s Brunch.

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Cephas & the FOMO team 💙

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Greetings from Cape Town 👋 I am Cephas Ndubueze, initiator of FOMO and the Founder & CEO of Newcon, an early-stage video SaaS Platform backed by Hustle Fund, Lightspeed ventures, and other great angels (e.g., Soundcloud, Websummit). You can follow my FOMO journey here.